UNI T UT208A AC DC 1000A Digital Clamp Meter Digital Ammeter Resistor / Capacitance / Frequency / Temperature / Diode Test

clamping table, dt2234c digital tachometer

Power Wolf

60v/600v. Pince multimetre: 400v voltage meter. 20mohm. Ms6580. 600ua/4000ua/40ma/400ma/1000a. 800a peak 18000mah. 2khz-20mhz. 400nf / 4f / 40f / 400f / 4000f. 2 - 600v. 200 f. Tm-2011. Lc temperatur. 0.28kg. 600m/6/60/600v. 0.1ma ~ 1000a. 

Wholesale Voltmeter Analogic

32-104f. 20a-600a. Wireless voltage current. Wholesale current meter analog. Wholesale buttly multi. 100uf. -40~100 celsius. Dc current digital clamp multimeter400 / 4k / 40k / 400k / 4m / 40m. 0m/400m/4/40/400a. Jaw size: 24mm. Hk588c. Negative sign "-" shown on the display automatically. 

5 Digit Multimeter

Double shielding. Wholesale dt9025a multimeter. 518g / 18.29oz. 225mm*86mm*32mm. Etcr9100b. Ac 20a-1000a. 2003a. Frequency (ac voltage): Type3: 194*72*35mm. Cost orders. Ac:66a/1000a. 230 * 85 * 40mm. 20/200/600a. 3 1/2 digits lcd, with max. reading of 1999. 80 x 4 10. Movee. Center-201. Dc:1000v  ±(0.5% + 1);ac:750v ±(1% + 4). 

Sp311 Sfn

60.00nf / 600.0nf /6.000μf/60.00μf/600.0μf/ 6.000mf / 60.00mf. 150*54*26mm. 1*meter x 1*english user manual x 1*bag x 1*test lead-20~80. 400/4k/40k/400k/4m/400m. Dc voltage: Vc97 auto range. 400/4k/40k/400k/4mω±1.2%,40mω±2.0%. Maintenance of tv. Jaw capacity: 1.5kg. 24*14*8. Amp clamps. Multimeter pc. Tuquoise. Dc 0 600v 100a. 1050f lcd. 400ohm~40mohm. 23.30 x 11.20 x 5.80 cm / 9.17 x 4.41 x 2.28 inches. 

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Your wings are those of a demon.
100% 방탄소년단


barefaced cutie enjoying the SIN stage



*slides 10$ to bighit* bbmas jungkook hairstyle

*accepts cash* we’ll see


My favorite characters of shingeki no kyojin:
1-Armin Arlert.
2-Eren Jaeger.
3-Riko Brzenska.
4-Mikasa Ackerman.
5-Jean Kirschtein.


jin got scared by the dog who got scared by jin 




thanks taehyung